This opportunity is only available to a strictly limited number of Health Business Owners at a time...

Your One-On-One Practiceology™ Health Business Mentor Will Help You Every Step of the Way...Live Life the Way YOU Want

“My business now makes more money when I am not there – our profit has quadrupled and I only treat patients when I want - if you want to get your life back this is the program for you” Jemma Mulligan – Health Business Owner and Practiceology™ Client

“The program has completely transformed my business and my life – I want from 60 plus hours a week and no money in the bank, to less than 5 consulting hours a week and our profits are up over 400% -life is now so much better for my family and I.” Lorcan O’Donaile – Health Business Owner and Practiceology™ Member

YES! It is possible to Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life... as a health business owner – because we have done it.

Whether you are a long established professional with multiple clinics, a sole practitioner, or a new clinic owner wanting to fast track your success - we can help you reach your business and life goals quicker and easier than any other method.

Let us help you create a true passive income health business that works without you – just like we have done – while at the same time increasing your income, building better referral systems, defining and achieving your goals and spending more time with your family and friends.

Here are Just a Few of the Things You and Your Mentor Can Do Together...

A Message from Paul Wright – Creator of the Practiceology™ Program

When I started my first health business back in 1992 (after spending a year in the public health system) I set up my first clinic exactly like the clinic I did my last student placement in – unaware of the massive problems in their business model and methods – but it was all I knew.

I even made the cardinal mistake of using my name in the practice trading name – I had no idea about business and was of the mistaken belief that being a great clinician would ensure my business success.

Over the next 5 years I worked hard and had what I thought was a great business – but I was working from early till late – making no money when I was on holidays (so I did not take many) and was slowly burning out.

Does this sound like YOU?

Then a bus went past my clinic window that changed my life – on the bus was an advert that said:

“Why most small businesses fail and what to do about it”.

I kept seeing this bus and the ad for the next few days (initially unaware that the universe was trying to tell me something) – until I finally wrote down the phone number mentioned in the advert.

The book that I read as a result of this advert changed my life.

I started reading everything I could about business systems and marketing, attended hundreds of seminars, turned my car into a mobile audio learning centre – and even completed an Advanced Diploma in Business Management – such was my thirst for knowledge.

The information I learned dramatically changed the way I ran my businesses – and started me on a path of opening, building, selling and earning passive income from my health businesses over the next 15 years.

After I spent years systematically learning how to run great health business, I then began teaching others how they could do the same.

I produced and developing a range of business DVDs for health professionals, starting my “Profit Club” program and the “Practice Acceleration Program”.

I also created more health business training programs such as “The Ultimate Patient Attraction System”, “Ultimate Front Desk Training System”, “Ultimate Health Business Referral System”, “Ultimate Social Media and Online Advertising Client Attraction System” and “Ultimate Sell Without Selling Client Conversion System”.

I also wrote the Amazon Best Seller “How to Run a One Minute Practice”, developed the online health business tracking portal “One Minute Practice” and then the done for you health business team training program “Fast Track”.

HOWEVER - Something Was Missing!!!!!!

Our programs and team training packs are great learning tools, but many health business owners need One-On-One Mentoring to take them to the next level

That’s right – online programs and done for you team training can only take you so far in business.

You need business advice and help that applies to your specific situation and niche.

You want something designed especially for you…and you want someone you can ask questions of and personally talk to about improving your business results.

It can also be very lonely as a health business owner – so it is vital you have a trusted sounding board and someone to keep you accountable.

Our only caution to you in this area is you make sure you deal with a business mentor who has succeeded themselves first – but not only financially.

You want to work with someone who can show you how to develop a great lifestyle – while the business works for you in the background – for this is the mark of a true business.

The definition of a business is : “A commercial profitable enterprise that works without you” - so if your business can’t work without you and make money for you when you are not there - then it is a JOB – not a business.

We can show you how to develop a business that works without YOU – because all Practiceology™ Mentors have been doing this for years – and can show you how to do exactly the same thing.

“I had hit a wall and was going to throw it all in until I reached out to Paul – now I have a growing team and a business that can work without me” Sandra Jefferies – Health Business Owner and Practiceology™ Client

Click this Video to Hear How This Health Business Owner went from 60 Hours a Week to 10 Hours a Week Consulting and Got Her Life Back with the Practiceology™ “One on One” Mentor Program

What is Included in the “Practiceology™” Mentor Program?

The “Practiceology™” mentor program involves two 45 minute one on one phone calls each month – where you and your mentor touch base personally and work on your specific issues, problems and opportunities (we wish we had this when we were starting out).

Our clients love the one-on-one interaction that phone coaching provides. We have had times where just one call with a client changed their whole perspective and business direction.

It's amazing what you can achieve when you cut right to the heart of the situation...

You also receive unlimited e-mail support as part of the Practiceology™ Mentor program.

That's right - you get your mentors private coaching email address and can send them email questions...which we answer within 24 hours Monday through Thursday (we don't work Friday through Sunday - this is one of the luxuries we want for you in your life and we can show you how to do it ).

Want your mentor to review your marketing materials? No problem.

Need help with generating more clients? We will provide a solution.

Need someone to help with your recruitment plan – what to say in the advert and even get samples of ads that have worked in the past?

We are here for YOU.

All Practiceology™ members receive access to the One Minute Practice online health business tracking portal which will allow you to measure and overview your teams performance, plus give you a system to report your practice P and L – in only 10-20 minutes a month.

Profit Club and Profit Club Academy is the largest health business training library on the planet with over 100 health business building and team training resources – to help you with your business development, team training, recruitment and retention.

Immediate access to over 80 hours of video education and more than 100 protocols and exercise sheets available on demand…benefit from a global online community of practitioners to mastermind with and provide the best results possible for your patients. An essential recruitment and team training tool for all health professionals – not just Physios.

What is your Investment for the Practiceology™ Program?

Your investment for ”Practiceology™” is currently $1,597 AUD per month

All mentor calls are made via Zoom or Skype and you also have our permission to record these calls so you can share them with your team members and partners - a great added learning tool for your business and a great revision for you.

(Note – the recordings are not able to be shared or sold in any other form or as part of any other program)

Calls are scheduled for Monday to Thursday at mutually suitable times – however – be aware Practiceology™ mentor times are limited so if you are not able to fit into our schedule then you may have to wait until another more suitable spot or day presents itself – we only have a limited number of clients at any one time so spots are rare and valuable.

We are able to provide mentoring for health professionals around the world – via skype– however we need to be aware of time differences when arranging your sessions.

No Long-Term Contracts or Commitments Required

Obviously, the Practiceology™ program isn’t for everyone. You’ll notice we didn’t hide the price and make you call us on the phone to find out how much it costs.

The investment shown above are very low when compared to other options available to you such as seminars, courses and books.

Not only are these courses expensive to attend but you often have the added expense of airfare, hotel bills, and food – plus you are away from your business and more importantly – your family and friends.

In fact, there are monthly recorded teleconference calls and individual products that cost significantly more than the price of this one-on-one mentor support.

A mentor will also  save you thousands of dollars in lost productivity – by advising you on good opportunities, diverting you from poor options and generally fast tracking your learning and progress – you will benefit immediately from our past mistakes – and not make the same costly mistakes yourself.

Remember - you can cancel your mentor program at any time so you're in control – if you don’t think you are getting great value – then we don’t want you to be paying us – it’s that simple.

We do recommend however – you plan for at least THREE months of mentoring when you join, as success is rarely instant. It takes some time and commitment.

Only in this mentor program, you're the one in control of the commitment....not us!

If we don't provide you with the advice you need to dramatically increase profits, then you can cancel the Practiceology™ program at any time.

But as we said, this program isn’t for everyone.

This program is for highly motivated people who want to see business growth and reclaim their life.

You want the financial freedom and lifestyle that comes from having a successful business which has been fully systematized so it can run without YOU.

Please Note: This program is NOT for people who are dishonest or unethical in their business dealings. One of my goals in business is to operate with integrity in everything. I'm not perfect, just as I'm sure you're not. But I only seek to do business with those who have this same type of commitment to really giving value to their customers/clients in everything they do.

“I have been a one on one client of Paul’s for over 12 months and I have found it fantastic – it has taken me to a new level – focused on the structure and the systems in the business that has allowed me to create a lifestyle rather than just be stuck to the business. I could not recommend Paul’s coaching program highly enough.”

Aaron Hardaker – Owner Northern Beaches Physiotherapy – Woolgoolga and Urunga

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We know it can be risky to take on a business mentor and commit hard earned money whilst not being totally sure if the program will work for you.

To reduce this risk and to encourage you to take action in your health business, we offer all new coaching clients a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If, at any time in the first 30 days of your coaching program you feel that you are not getting incredible value, increasing your profits by much more than my monthly coaching fee, and moving quickly towards the goals we have set – then let us know and we will refund all coaching money paid up to this point – and we part as friends who shared part of a journey together.

Please be aware that If you join this program and don't put in the effort, you won't achieve the results you're looking for.

You'll only grow your business if you apply what you learn and take advantage of everything we are offering you here.


Note – We reserve the right to stop any mentor client’s program where we do not feel we are a good fit. If this happens, or you decide to cancel – we simply go our separate ways and leave the program as friends – who shared part of a journey together.

We are looking for people who want to build a long-term business based on integrity. If that doesn't apply to you, then please don't join this program and waste our time. If you are willing to put into practice the principles you'll learn, you are the type of client that will benefit greatly.


Note: We don’t want to waste our time, or yours, on a “strategy session” if you are not serious about joining the program and willing to take immediate action – assuming we can help your business and you like what I have to say in our session.

We hope to have you as part of the Practiceology™ One on One mentor program soon.

“I realised I was working like a dog – making money for everybody else – and had no money left in the bank account. Paul has helped me increase my profits, change my systems and I feel much happier as do my staff. We are busier than ever before – I would recommend coaching to any health professional – you have just got to do it.”

Elizabeth Kiriakidis – Owner My Podiatrist - Melbourne

“I started coaching with Paul because the business I bought into did not have a lot of structure and, having previously worked in one of Paul’s health practices I knew that Paul was extremely good at that part of health business management. The coaching has helped me significantly. I think most health business owners should have business coaching because a lot of us have no idea about the marketing or business side of health care.”

Michelle Collins – Owner Northern Suburbs Physiotherapy – Sydney

“I got involved in coaching because I did not want to make the same mistakes other business owners have made. I can easily see the difference the coaching has made and recommend Pauls program to all health professionals.”

Yousuf Syed – Owner Spine & Sports Physiotherapy - Mackay

“I had no idea where my business was leaking money from – yet Paul was able to find the leaks – and guess what – I am making money. It is much more than business coaching as Paul makes sure I achieve my business goals as well as my personal goals – and we all end up really happy.”

Alex Gazis-Morris – Owner Regional Physiotherapy and In Balance Fitness - Northam, WA

“We are privileged to have Paul as our coach as he has had 20 years plus as a health business owner -so when we get suggestions from him we know that he does not want us to make any of the mistakes that he may have made. It is great to be with him.”

Shireen Syed – Owner Spine & Sports Physiotherapy - Mackay

“It is a challenging program but you certainly get a lot of improvements – the systems and freedom you get are very rewarding.”

Mitch Hancock – Owner Gulf and Ranges Optometry - Port Augusta South Australia

“Since joining Paul’s coaching program I have built solid systems in my business – I would recommend Paul’s coaching program to any health professional – he does a great job.”

Andrew Nawrocki – Owner Moreland Orthopaedic & Sports Clinic

“Our turnover in the last 18 months is up over $200,000. You are crazy not to have some sort of coach or mentor”
Aaron Hardaker – Health Business Owner - Physiotherapy / Pilates
Click HERE to hear the short interview.

“I tried to make a list of benefits to being in your coaching program but the list just kept going on and on – and we have increased our income by over $100,000 – and it is always climbing”
Elizabeth Kiriakidis – Health Business Owner – Podiatry
Click HERE to hear the short interview.

“My accountant actually rang me last week and asked what I had been doing in the business because the profits had increased so much”
Alex Gazis-Morris – Health Business Owner – Physiotherapy / Fitness / Pilates
Click HERE to hear the short interview.

“I made an extra $200,000 in the first year of working with Paul – and I have saved so much more by not making the same business mistakes that Paul had already made and warned me about”
Yousuf Syed – Health Business Owner – Physiotherapy
Click HERE to hear the short interview.

“I had taken my health business as far as I could on my own – but Paul helped me take the business to a whole new level”
Justin Blake – Health Business Owner – Podiatry – UK
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“Paul has been where I am as a health business owner – he has been in the trenches so he was the perfect choice for me as a coach. I have seen massive return on investment from being part of Paul’s program – not only in financial terms but in business confidence and quality of life”
Jerome Finkelstein – Health Business Owner – Physiotherapy / Pilates
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“Before I started with Paul my business was controlling me and my team were all making more money than me. I wish I had taken on a coach 20 years ago”
Greg Diamond – Health Business Owner - Physio / Massage / Podiatry
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"Paul's coaching program has been a great help and my health business. Although I had a practice with good revenue and plenty of work, I was still busy working 50-60 hours per week. Pauls coaching gave me the confidence and best practice approach for reducing my hours to less than 30 per week allowing me to spend more time with my family. In this time, the business has continued along its path of growth and hasn't missed a beat. Thanks Paul for spending your time helping other health professionals achieve their life goals through their business, it really is a worthwhile cause".

Anthony Belcher
Physiotherapist and Business Owner - Melbourne, Australia

"After only a short time working with Paul, I have already increased my profit and reduce my hours with very little impact on my clinic. I have minimised my 'hands on' patient contact, and shifted my focus towards growing the business where I am needed the most. I usually work at 1000 miles an hour, but thankfully, Paul was able to look at both my strengths and weakness so that I could put them to better use. After establishing what I thought was already a successful business, I now know how much better things can be and happily admit to writing this from the comfort of my lounge room on Wednesday, after giving myself a second day off a week".

Dr. Jade Harries
Owner and Director of Western Region Osteopathy - Melbourne, Australia

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