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“Why Your Team Won’t Listen to You and What to Do About It”

What All Health Business Owners Must Know to Ensure Your Team Consistently Rebook Clients, Reduce Cancellation and Deliver Outstanding Patient Outcomes Even When You Are Not There

with Paul Wright

Health Business Mentor, Author, Speaker – Helping Health Business Owners Earn More, Work Less and Enjoy Life

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What You Will Learn

# Why there is only ONE way to free yourself from the day-to-day strain of running a health business

# The problem with franchise agreements and why you need to be careful with this business model if you want business freedom

# Why the commonly used six step team training framework is destined for failure and almost guarantees the training session will not be effective in improving your team performance and business profits.

# What Paul’s first client in Private practice taught him about team member compliance and why you must understand this if you want to own a business that can run successfully without you.

# Why ownership mentality is a myth, and why understanding this can give you up for 100% team member compliance and improved business profits.

# The 3 secrets to successful team training used by the worlds leading health practices – are you using them?

# How to dramatically increase the number of therapists able to work in your health business and why your current business model makes it almost impossible to find suitable applicants for your practice.

# The game-changing and profit boosting business lesson Paul learnt after he discovered his key admin person was spending hours on Facebook every day – is this happening to you?

# Why your current team training model, if you even have one, will chain you to your health busines forever and the exact program which will allow you to earn more, work less and enjoy your life.

What Other Health Business Owners have Said About Paul Wright’s Programs...

Our Turnover is Up Over $200,000:
“Paul’s mentor program is fantastic – our turnover in the last 18 months is up by over $200,000. You're crazy not to have some sort of mentoring from Paul.” Aaron Hardaker Owner - Physiotherapy
A Tremendous Value Added to My Practice!
“My accountant actually rang me last week and asked what I had been doing in the business because the profits had increased so much.” Alex Gazis-Morris Health Business Owner – Physiotherapy / Fitness / Pilates
We have Increased Our Income by Over $100,000:
“I tried to make a list of benefits to being in Paul’s coaching program but the list just kept going – we have increased our income by over $100,000 and it is always climbing.” Elizabeth Kiriakidis - Health Business Owner - Podiatry
My Profits Have Doubled:
“When I started working with Paul I was working 40 plus hours weeks as a clinician and on top of that spent most of my weekends and evenings trying to catch up which left me feeling stressed and with little time for family or friends. Since working with Paul, I have much better control of my business from all angles. The figures have improved significantly in only 6 months, with profits almost doubling. Which has allowed me to cut back my clinical hours to only 10 per week - spend more time at home and work on the business - not in the business - a huge difference from where I was at 6 months ago. Thanks Paul.” Lorcan O Donaile Owner Achilles Foot Clinic & Physiotherapy - Cork
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